Riddle Hospital Physical Therapy Team

For the past several weeks the Rotary Club of Media has been providing lunches for various departments at Riddle Hospital and for EMT personnel. The program started when Past President Rob Hancock wanted to do something to help those working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the club’s face to face meetings had to discontinue, he asked the club members to consider donating their weekly lunch money to help these workers. Not only did club members respond with over $1000 in donations, but the Club Board and the Club’s Foundation each matched that amount, which enabled the club to donate the weekly cost of our lunches, about $350, to provide meals for the hospital and EMT units.

Ginny, Michael and James Hackett of House Restaurant in Media show the meals prepared for Riddle Hospital workers.

The club also decided to help local community restaurants by purchasing the meals from different restaurants that have not only contributed to Rotary fund-raisers over the years, but also to many other community organizations. “It was our opportunity to help these restaurants which have been so generous to others over the years,” said Club President Susan Garrison. So far the club has sent meals to the SPD (Sterile Processing Department) which disinfects hospital equipment including sterilizing PPE for reuse; the Supply Chain which is responsible for sourcing and distributing critical PPE; and four different nursing units including those with COVID positive patients; as well as the EMT unit. The meals pictured went to Physical Therapy, the command center (team in charge of all COVID operations), the screeners at our entrances, as well as nursing.

Restaurants that have provided meals include Pinocchio’s, Court Dinner, Vinnie’s place, Fellini’s, 320 Market and House. You can learn more about the work of the Rotary Club of Media at mediarotary.org