This week at the Rotary Club of Media Our next meeting is | 11.29.18

This week
This week, will hear about “My Experience with Winston Churchill.”

This week’s Greeter is Wayne Matthias-Long.

Rotary Bingo – February 9
We are looking for more volunteers interest in helping with our Bingo Feb 9, 2019.  We are looking for more volunteers to help run this event.

If you are interested in being involved, see Carol Wills. There will be an 11 am meeting before the club meeting today, November 29. Join us!   

Larry Smoose will be handling our sponsors. Please see him!  

Carol Wills and Joan Patko will collect gift cards. We would like to have a logo, letterhead or business card so we can acknowledge these businesses.

More to follow! Join us at our next meeting. We value your input!

Don’t Forget about the Pre-paid Lunch Option
We’re excited to announce a new pre-paid lunch option to simplify how you pay for lunch. We expect this new option to make it easier for weekly check-ins, to minimize the weekly payment burden, and to better enable our members whose companies reimburse for lunch expenses. You may choose this new option or continue to pay for lunch as you have been. 

What it is: A pre-paid lunch card for 10 lunches costing $160.00
How you pay: A $160 check or cash paid to The Rotary Club of Media.
How it works: For the $160 payment, you receive a card with 10 lunch spots. Each time you attend rotary, you will receive a hole punch for your lunch. Once you use your 10 punches, you can re-buy another pre-paid card. This is a ‘use it or lose it’ card and the card should be treated as cash. No one will be tallying your lunches used so if the card is lost, there will be no way to account for how many lunches were unused. 
Important – What it is not: This is solely intended to ease the administrative and payment burdens for our members. It is not a discounted lunch card or program. 
Benefits: Eases the amount of cash you need to carry, eases the burden of paying for lunch each week, easier administrative process for companies who reimburse members for lunches. 

For questions, please ask Ted Pleibel.


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